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a custom GitLab-CI runner for the RedHat openshift platform to create docker images daemon-less and unprivileged on the fly. 09/12/2019 · Contribute to peerapach/gitlab-runner-openshift development by creating an account on GitHub. Experimental docker-based application to deploy simple applications to OpenShift. To execute the script in the gitlab-ci file, you need to configure your GitLab project to use a runner, which is basically a server that executes instructions listed in the gitlab-ci file and reports the result back to GitLab. Several GitLab Runner executors exist that can run your builds, depending on you scenario.

OpenShift. As you’ve figured out by now, all of this is running in our testing OpenShift cluster. We are using the 3.11 version of OpenShift, which features monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana later on, I will detail some other interesting features, such as integration with Keycloak. Configure a gitlab identity provider to useor any other GitLab instance as an identity provider. If you use GitLab version 7.7.0 to 11.0, you connect using the OAuth integration. If you use GitLab version 11.1 or later, you can use OpenID Connect OIDC to connect instead of OAuth. Installation instructions for the runner/gitlab-runner package repository. 06/11/2018 · I'm trying to deploy Gitlab-runners on Openshift/K8S, but can't succeed in having runners communicating with Gitlab itself deployed in pods on OCP. I. GitLab webhooks handle the call made by GitLab when a repository is updated. As with the GitHub triggers, you must specify a. The is defined as a service with the name docker-registry running in OpenShift Container Platform. If an image stream is the base image for the build, set the from field in the build strategy to.

In this post I'll go over building and testing a Docker image with gitlab CI and then pushing that image to Openshift 3. It should be somewhat helpful for people using other Docker solutions like Kubernetes too or CI solutions like Jenkins. I'm using Django for the project with some front end assets built in. The disappointing thing is that back in 2016 and 2017, there did seem to be some sense of partnership between GitLab and OpenShift. There are a number of official GitLab/OpenShift videos from around this time, demonstrating the manual setup of GitLab Runner on OpenShift pre-GitLab. The change is instant and you can see the number of replicas now running scaled to 2. Upping the GitLab pods is actually like adding new application servers to your cluster. You can see how that would work if you didn't use GitLab with OpenShift by following the. Deploy GitLab on OpenShift By Last updated on 23rd February 2016 GitLab is a great web git repository application for everyone that wants to run his own Git repository at home or office.

不知道各位有没有注意到上面下载地址链接当中的v1.11.1,这个就是对应的Gitlab Runner,如果你的GitLab是9.0之前的版本,使用GitLab Runner v1.11.1这个版本仍然注册不上,可以尝试使用降几个版本的GitLab Runner,所有GitLab Runner发行的版本可以在GitLab Runner Tags找到. OpenShift Origin template for GitLab Runner his is a template for easy deployment of GitLab Runner CI into OpenShift cluster uses official GitLab Runner image from gitlab docker repo; caching is implemented via official Minio Cloud Storage image from minio docker repo; provides sane default options and simple configurator. 31/10/2018 · In this video we will looking at how to use gitlab ci autodevops process to build docker images using kaniko and deploy to openshift cluster. without the nee. OKIOK secutity company expert explains how we used GitLab and OpenShift to automatically deploy S-Filer when a new change is made in our repository. This.

I need an OpenShift server a ssingle-node cluster, and I will install it on a NUC OS: Linux inside a Virtual Machine thanks to Vagrant. I need to connect to my OpenShift server from a Mac laptop. The NUC and the Mac computer are connected to the same local network my home wifi box. 20:00-"GitLab on OpenShift" by Markus Hansmair, OpenShift Consultant at ConSol Consulting & Solutions Software. This talk is about installing and running GitLab on OpenShift - with a few tweaks and hoops. Markus will also talk about the lessons he learned and operational issues. 20:30 - Networking.

gitlabUrl – The GitLab Server URL with protocol to register the runner against. runnerRegistrationToken – The Registration Token for adding new Runners to the GitLab Server. This must be retrieved from your GitLab Instance. See the GitLab Runner Documentation for. gitlab通過在專案的根目錄放置.gitlab-ci.yml檔案來觸發pipline,檔案書寫遵循yml語法,因此,概括來說gitlab ci/cd只需要兩步: 寫好.gitlab-ci.yml檔案,並放置到專案根目錄; 配置好gitlab runner.完成後,提交程式碼時會自動根據gitlab-ci.yml的觸發條件進行執行相應的stage. Well, both the buildconfig and build. What I want to see in the build object is what the revision information shows. The gitlab webhook should have provided revision information to openshift which should have put that information into the BuildRequest which would. Supplemental Groups with Gitlab Runner on OpenShift Sep 18, 2019 kubernetes openshift gitlab. Recently I configured gitlab-runner to operate on an openshift cluster. One quirk of this setup is the containers running as random uids, having the side-effect of the build container being unable to clone the project or fetch dependencies. 28/09/2016 · In this session, DJ will demonstrate how to deploy GitLab in OpenShift using GitLab’s official Docker image and help you get familiar with the Gitlab web interface and CLI tools that will help you achieve your application development goals. For more background on Getting Started with GitLab on OpenShift, check out this blog post.

05/06/2018 · High availability and geographic replication for the running of multiple instances of Red Hat Quay across several regions and syncing between data centers. Build and deploy containers automatically in response to git pushes: GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, and others. Secured with a. So, a template just defines how an application and all its OpenShift-y pieces should look, it's like an application factory. But once the template creates all the objects, then the template doesn't have anything more to do unless you wanna deploy a whole new gitlab.

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